July 25, 2017

Is your loan operations department flooded with paperwork?

CATCH21 is excited to announce a new product to enhance the loan payment workflow. We can make processing loan payments more efficient than ever before! At Catch21, we are always searching for ways to make our customers’ lives easier.  We found that many of our customers are overwhelmed with the amount of paper they sift through to process their loan payments. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to sort and manually key in the information. We have listened to your feedback and have developed a solution for you!

The LoanOp Lockbox solution can help your financial institution by taking away the stress and time-consuming tasks of having to manually sort, key, and post loan payments. Let Catch21 handle the hassle and pick up your loan payments directly from the PO Box. We will open, sort, capture and perfect the data stream into a format that will automatically post to your core processing system. At the end of the day we can provide images and payment information in the same file or host a browser accessible archive of the information to classify incoming payments from other notes and correspondence. No more manual posting and endless paper work.

Sounds convenient, right? Get rid of the paper and manual work to free up your resources to focus on other opportunities. Call us today to learn more about how to streamline your loan processing.

Contact our Business Development Team
Laura Adair: (405) 701-8111 ext. 1023
Rebecca St. Germain: (405) 701-8111 ext.1024

Catch21, Inc. is a financial services company offering over 120 years of technical expertise with specialized focus in payment resolutions.  Our customized solutions are specifically designed to take full advantage of the ever-evolving payment landscape.  We strive to create strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions offering value in both service and savings in the areas of lockbox, item processing and consulting.

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Laura Adair