Humble beginnings, a powerful future

Catch21 was founded in 2004 by its president, Kelly Ingram. A pioneer in check imaging, he was one of the first three institutions to exchange a check image. After a rewarding 25 years in the financial industry, the concept of a "client-tailored organization" came to fruition. An uncommon approach, he aimed to blend consultation and technology advisement with outsourced item processing to complement the intricacies of Check 21 legislation.

Kelly teamed up with two additional experts to create a strategic partnership to lead Catch21’s future endeavors.  Catch21’s additional partners, Chris Boyd and Mitch Musgrove, joined Kelly to create a team with over 120 years of combined experience in the industry.  

Chris has over 26 years of experience in Information Technology with 10 years of experience in check imaging software. His duties include but aren’t limited to new installations, existing system upgrades, change control and best practice procedures associated with item processing and image capture software. Chris possesses a portfolio of consulting and support contracts for financial institutions, 20 to 200 billion in assets.

Mitch Musgrove has over 26 years of experience in Information Technology, infrastructure development, data center virtualization and software development. Mitch has become a renowned leader in the industry — spearheading a vast array of technological solutions for startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

Since inception, Catch21 has grown into a team of dedicated professionals that offer customized solutions to clients in the areas of:  implementing and managing check processing, assisting institutions with virtualizing their technology infrastructure, conversions and mergers, in-house item processing systems and image exchange networks.

Catch21 has also become an industry leader in outsourced services. Our goal is to help clients eliminate the paper associated with payment processing through Check 21 and HIPAA compliant solutions. We're able to do this by truncating paper at the closest point to creation with the smallest technological footprint possible. We hope to fill in the gaps where other providers fail to measure up -- providing creative, cost-effective solutions that as a result, help to increase our client’s bottom line.


true Commitment to Client Service

We understand item processing and information technology isn't a "nine to five" operation. This is one of the many reasons we provide 24-hour call centers to our clients and are always available to assist in your time of need. 

With our experience and passion for Check 21 legislation, we've excitedly brought hundreds of transit routing numbers onto the image exchange environment. We would love the opportunity to help your institution thrive through streamlined processes and customer service you can count on.