Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management / Medical Lockbox

CATCH21's Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management is the prescription for a comprehensive, web-based service that provides the conversion of paper EOBs to 835s, ERA consolidation, payment matching and connects health care practices to a HIPAA/HITECH compliant online archive.

Lock Box Services:

  • Processing and image capture of all paper based payments and correspondence
  • Same day deposit and deposit notification
  • Conversion of paper based data to electronic formats

EOB Processing:

  • Recognition and extraction of detailed patient information from the EOB
  • Complete data verification of unrecognized data and balancing
  • Reconciliation of the remittances to the claim and payments
  • EOB data converted to the X12-835 file or other supported posting file formats

Online Portal and Archive Research:

  • Search for claims, remittances, and payments by any combination of multiple fields
  • Viewing of HIPAA ready patient level snippet images or the complete EOB
  • Resolve processing exceptions online: Remit without payment, payment without remit, etc.
  • Online reports for both the billing company and/or the provider

Revenue Cycle Management:

  • Secondary Billing - Secondary billing enables the automation of creating the updated secondary bill and printing it with the patient level snippet of the primary EOB.
  • Denial Management - Denial Management gives the user the ability to view all the claims by location where the remittance was denied, then sort the denials by payer and denial type.
  • Contract Management - The contract management module identifies underpayments and automates the appeals process.

Management Portal:

  • The administrator interface is used for daily administration of users and adding new clients without exposing private health information to the administrator.

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