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Find out why so many other credit unions are choosing CATCH21.

CATCH21 is the industry leader in outsourced share draft processing and provides share draft processing solutions to more than 100+ credit unions across the U.S. We provide complete, electronic solutions for all capture types including branch, teller, merchant, mobile and share draft processing. Transit clearing and settlement is our specialty.  Building on twelve decades of of item processing experience, CATCH21 offers many solutions to meet your credit union needs.

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CATCH21's CU Capture Platform provides a cost effective and robust solution for branch capture and cash letter processing, utilizing the latest technologies for capture, amount recognition, duplicate detection, and a host of other valuable innovations and processing capabilities.

Advantages and Features of CATCH21's Branch Capture System

• Discontinue sending paper out the door by capturing it on small scanner in your location
• Enhance the archive capabilities of the current process to allow researching over the counter items captured through the same Image applet interface that is used for Sharedrafts today
• Direct integration with current imaging system
• Allow additional clearing options
• Submit multiple batches throughout the day at no additional cost

CATCH21's experience with all areas of branch capture give our credit union clients the luxury of having an 'old pro' guide them through the technical and operational changes that occur in this new and exciting environment. CATCH21 has the experience so you don't have to worry!

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Your member business customers are extremely important to your credit union. Don't let a poorly planned Merchant Capture deployment adversely affect the relationship you have developed with them! CATCH21 can make your Merchant Capture Transition EASY!

Benefits and Features of CATCH21's Merchant Capture System

• Attract new member business service accounts and strengthen your current member business service relationships
• Provides simplification of member relationships, allowing businesses to break geographic dependencies and consolidate their payments with a single preferred institution.
• Accelerated funds availability
• User friendly interface
• Email notification sent to the merchant and credit union confirming the deposit was received
• Save your member business clients time and money
• Integrated image archive for sharedrafts and Merchant Capture deposited items
• Support and implementation services that you have come to expect from CATCH21

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CATCH21 has partnered with Cachet Financial Solutions to provide our customers a Mobile Deposit Solution. With Cachet Financial Solutions' Select Mobile software, you are able to offer all the advantages of remote deposit capture (RDC) to individual members and member business clients. Through a custom-branded application on a smartphone or tablet, customers simply snap pictures of their endorsed checks and submit them for processing. Applications are available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

• Convenient: Customers can deposit checks from anywhere, at any time.
• Secure: Two-factor login authentication, data encryption on phone and en-route to safe server.
• Accurate: Captures and optimizes images and automatically extracts payment data.
• Check 21 Compliant: Ensures only images satisfying FSTC image quality standards pass.
• Easy to Download and Use: Integrates into existing mobile wallets or as astand-alone application.
• Fast: Deposit in just three steps: enter amount, image front, image back.
• State-of-the-Art Encryption: Strong protection to keep your data secure.
• Financial Institution-Approved Image Standards: Front and back check photographs automatically verified and converted.
• Multi-Account Capable: User can deposit into one of several accounts.
• Review History: Recent deposits viewable on phone (if financial institution policypermits).

By making Mobile Deposit easy for you,we help you make your members' lives simpler. We'll work with you to establish business strategies and goals, ensure proper implementation of security and compliance features, and produce marketing solutions to engage your customers and increase brand awareness.

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CATCH21 offers an outsourced, hybrid solution to item processing for credit unions. This solution enables our credit union customers to take advantage of the efficiencies provided by Check 21.

Here are the benefits of CATCH21's outsourced item processing

• We prepare, send and receive electronic cash letters to and from the Federal Reserve, correspondent banks, and image exchanges.
• We prepare and send posting files for core processing systems to both in-house and outsourced core account processing systems.
• We receive second day return and statement files, then prepare and deliver your returns and image statements according to your instruction and\or existing schedules.

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Maintain Control without the Infrastructure.

CATCH21 offers financial institutions comprehensive and flexible item processing solutions including our ASP (Application Service Provider) option. We support complete day 1 and day 2 processing capabilities in our ASP environment. ASP solutions with CATCH21 allows our clients complete control of item processing functions including but not limited to capture, data perfection/completion, returns processing, posting file creation and research functions.

Benefits for ASP Item Processing:

• Eliminate your check processing infrastructure cost
• No Annual Maintenance Fees or License Fees
• Elimination of upgrade cost
• Built in Disaster Recovery
• Leverage your existing item processing staff
• “Built in” backup staff with CATCH21 item processing professionals
• Simple transition to CATCH21's outsourced mode if needed

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If your company collects lockbox payments, CATCH21 offers a convenient way to help you process those payments efficiently and maximize your cash flow. Our retail and wholesale lockbox solutions will simplify your accounts receivable administration.

With CATCH21’s lockbox services, your member payments will be processed with advanced technology to speed up processing. Funds are automatically routed into one central account to help you effectively manage your cash flow.

Benefits of CATCH21's Lockbox services:

• Expedite delivery of deposits with UPS® special handling
• Reduce administrative time and costs
• Capitalize on same-day settlement from a large number of banks
• Service options that fit your processing needs
• On-line Archive and Retrieval
• HIPAA Compliant Archive (Medical)
• Automated Postings
• Reporting to enable Receivables Lending
• Same Day Payment Processing

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