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CATCH21 has extensive experience with Check legislation. We have assisted many institutions and have helped bring hundreds of transit routing numbers on to the image exchange environment. With over 120 years of combined experience in check imaging, document management and information security, CATCH21’s diverse background provides cost effective, timely solutions where other providers fail to measure up.

Make your dream of the ultimate Item Processing solution a reality today with CATCH21’s unique pain free, worry free and frustration free solutions.

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CATCH21 brings the convenience and cost savings of distributed capture directly to your branches. Our branch capture system allows documents to be quickly and easily scanned into the system using a compact scanner. In addition, the CATCH21 Checknology system includes a suite of products designed to capture payments as close to the point of receipt as possible.

The benefits you will receive include a standard, streamlined architecture for payment processing and a simple set of services to reduce the amount of time required to process a payment. This application enhances workflow by electronically capturing items at the branch and transmitting data to CATCH21's central processing center, thereby eliminating the need for mid-day courier runs.

• Capture deposit item images at point of deposit to introduce the images into Item Processing more rapidly
• Introduce items into the image exchange workflow more rapidly. Distribute the load of image capture out from item processing to the Branch
• Integrate directly into Item Processing
• Distributed Capture - Captures data and images at various branches
• Validate captured items through MICR validation, Image Quality Assurance, Duplicate Checking and Amount Recognition (CAR) Duplicate Checking
• Key amounts on each item where amount recognition fails
• Offline Capability, Offline Recoverability, Integrated Security Data Encryption - All capture data and images are encrypted on disk
• Automatic Code Update
• Reporting provided to ensure regulatory compliance

With CATCH21's branch capture system, your branch office personnel scan checks directly to our data center. The captured data is transmitted to a central server throughout the day. No more delays caused by late couriers, bad weather or hard-to-reach locations. Your accounts are kept up to date, cash flow improves and operating costs are minimized.

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CATCH21's Remote Deposit Capture (Merchant Capture) product helps you strengthen existing relationships, as well as help attract new business customers. This also allows you to compete for out-of-town corporate accounts that were previously not geographically viable.
We bring the convenience and cost savings of distributed capture directly to your corporate and merchant clients. With a low-speed image capture device and secure Internet access, your commercial customers can image capture check payments at their business location and electronically deliver the images to CATCH21 for processing — eliminating the need to physically transport or courier the checks.

• Fully brandable to any institution
• Capture paper credits or create virtual deposit slips
• Capture coupons for research purposes
• Validate captured items through MICR validation, image quality assurance, duplicate checking and amount recognition (CAR)
• Key amounts on each item where amount recognition fails
• Balance deposits
• Secure communication using HTTPS
• Local data encryption
• Multi-factor authentication support
• Query and report research features
• Image friendly deposit receipt
• Mark items (a front endorsement to show items have been processed)
• Virtual endorsements for financial institution and payee
• Email notification to merchant and the institution confirming deposit was received

Our merchant client software is built as a ".NET rich" client. This means it will take advantage of Microsoft's "ClickOnce" deployment, which allows for flexible application versioning and automatic download of updates. The application runs locally on the Merchant's PC, but we are able to remotely manage and update the client configuration when needed, so there is no more involvement required from the customer after the initial installation.

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Utilizing Digiliti Money, Inc's Select Mobile software, financial institutions are able to offer all the advantages of remote deposit capture (RDC) to their valued retail customers. Through a custom-branded application on a smartphone or tablet, customers simply snap pictures of their endorsed checks and submit them for processing. Applications are available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

After account holders key in their deposit information and submit images of their checks, Select Mobile captures the check and converts it to an industry standard Check 21 image for transmission to the financial institution's RDC platform. Before transmitting the check images, Select Mobile formats the images, automatically corrects any image distortions or skewing and confirms that the images meet Check 21 and mobile image-quality standards. After the checks are submitted successfully, account holders receive notification back from their financial institution alerting them that the transaction was successfully completed. All transactions are run through multiple layers of security and, if necessary, can be traced back to registered smartphones making fraud easy to detect and combat.

• Convenient: Customers can deposit checks from anywhere, at any time.
• Secure: Two-factor login authentication, data encryption on phone and en-route to safe server.
• Accurate: Captures and optimizes images and automatically extracts payment data.
• Check 21 Compliant: Ensures only images satisfying FSTC image quality standards pass.
• Easy to Download and Use: Integrates into existing mobile wallets or as astand-alone application.
• Fast: Deposit in just three steps: enter amount, image front, image back.
• State-of-the-Art Encryption: Strong protection to keep your data secure.
• Financial Institution-Approved Image Standards: Front and back check photographs automatically verified and converted.
• Multi-Account Capable: User can deposit into one of several accounts.
• Review History: Recent deposits viewable on phone (if financial institution policypermits).

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CATCH21 is the new leader in outsourced item processing through secure cutting edge technology and outstanding customer service.

CATCH21 ’s team has worked with hundreds of institutions across the country and brings this experience to each client through meticulous attention to detail in every step of the process. Our experience ensures you a smooth conversion! Our superior daily processing surpasses the competition and will exceed your expectations. Let us take care of your check processing needs freeing you to focus on your customers!

CATCH21 prepares, sends and receives electronic cash letters to the Federal Reserve, correspondent banks, and image exchanges. We prepare and send posting files for core processing systems to both in-house and outsourced core account processing systems. To complete the process, we receive second day return and statement files, then prepare and deliver your returns and image statements according to your instruction and\or existing schedules. Make your dream of the ultimate Item Processing solution a reality today with CATCH21’s unique pain free, worry free and frustration free solutions.

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Maintain Control without the Infrastructure.

CATCH21 offers financial institutions comprehensive and flexible item processing solutions including our ASP (Application Service Provider) option. We support complete day 1 and day 2 processing capabilities in our ASP environment. ASP solutions with CATCH21 allows our clients complete control of item processing functions including but not limited to capture, data perfection/completion, returns processing, posting file creation and research functions.

Benefits for ASP Item Processing:

• Eliminate your check processing infrastructure cost
• No Annual Maintenance Fees or License Fees
• Elimination of upgrade cost
• Built in Disaster Recovery
• Leverage your existing item processing staff
• “Built in” backup staff with CATCH21 item processing professionals
• Simple transition to CATCH21's outsourced mode if needed

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If your company collects lockbox payments, CATCH21 offers a convenient way to help you process those payments efficiently and maximize your cash flow. Our retail and wholesale lockbox solutions will simplify your accounts receivable administration.

CATCH21 offers comprehensive lockbox solutions for retail, wholesale, and medical lockbox processing. Processing more than 100,000 payments per month CATCH21's solutions can give your financial institution a competitive edge with commercial customers. Processing thousands of payments can be a labor-intensive process. With CATCH21’s lockbox services, your customer payments will be processed with advanced technology to speed up processing. Funds are automatically routed into one central account to help you effectively manage your cash flow.

Benefits of CATCH21's Lockbox services:

• Expedite delivery of deposits with UPS® special handling
• Reduce administrative time and costs
• Capitalize on same-day settlement from a large number of banks
• Service options that fit your processing needs
• On-line Archive and Retrieval
• HIPAA Compliant Archive (Medical)
• Automated Postings
• Reporting to enable Receivables Lending
• Same Day Payment Processing

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